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Dropping for only a moment.

I have been a customer of Cox, whether under my name or whoever I lived with at the time, for well over the past 12 years and I am just now running into this issue. Randomly while I am playing an online game, and ONLY while I am playing that game, the entire internet connection to my computer will drop for about 2-5 seconds. After that drop, it will come back on and be perfectly fine. Before today it happened maybe once or twice a night, however tonight it happened about 3 times in an hour. I have reset the modem every time it has happened. I have firewall opened up for the game in question. 

At this point it is becoming increasingly more frustrating because it is entirely random and I can no longer play reliably. I honestly don't know if this is a modem problem or a problem linking to something else but I figured I would start here. I have a Netgear C6300BD. 

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    I've been posting this everywhere for this problem. My unit as full on rebooting, or doing the 5 second stutter. Both are no good in competitive gaming matches.

    Backup your settings, factory reset the unit, restart, restore your settings file, restart.

    Haven't had it happen since. Starting to get inclined to believe that this last update a week or so ago had problems.

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    Hi, are you using a wired or a wireless connection? Have you run any ping test or trace routes to the game server IP address? I'd like to see if there are any connection issues there with those types of tests.
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    I have been experiencing the same problem with my Amazon Echo the last few weeks (no prior problems).   Mostly in the mornings, I would experience intermittent dropped connections that would last from a few seconds to up to 30 seconds.  Again, this began within the last 2 weeks.   Echo worked fine for several weeks before that.

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    Do you have UPnP enabled on the gateway? If not, what game are you playing?

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    I do have the UPnP enable, checked that within the first couple days. I am using a wired connection and have had no problems with wifi on either my Xbox or any of my other devices (I do not have a wireless card for my PC). Also I am playing Overwatch, if it means anything.

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    IF this is specific to Overwatch, I've found plenty of threads in various places describing this issue on several different ISPs:

    Seems suspicious that is is only happening with Overwatch...