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Downstream Channels

Can you tell me how many downstream channels are available in my area Metairie Louisiana? I have Premier service with 8x4 modem.

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    I think most are still capped at 12, but some parts of northeast LA are getting more.

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    Thanks for you reply. I 'm just wondering if it would be worth upgrading the modem. I called tech support and was told 24 channels are available and I don't know if that is correct. 

  • Hi Thetopcat,

    An 8x4 modem is perfectly acceptable for your current tier. Have you noticed any problems with your internet speed? If you are experiencing speed or performance inconsistancies, upgrading your modem to take advantage of channel bonding might help even things out. If you aren't having any issues and are seeing good speed test results, I wouldn't stress about upgrading your modem at this time.