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Download Speeds Not As Advertised

New Netgear C6250; Cat 5E hardwired to switch.  Pay for 100 MB/SEC service; here are my speeds:

Note: Only twice in the last 3 months have I ever gotten close to 100 MB downloads.  Here are some representative samples:

12-11; 11:02 pm: 15.59

12-4; 11:00 pm: 52.19

12-2; 11:41 pm: 26.64

11-9; 7:18 pm: 28.82

Not much point in going on, my speeds in the evening range from a low of 15.59 MB/Sec to 59 MB/sec.  The average hovers around 35 MB/sec download.

I feel cheated and duped by COX as I pay almost $ 100/month for internet that never even comes close to the advertised speeds. Also, my service goes away at least once a week, it just goes "poof"; no more internet.  Too bad Cox is the only service available at my location.

How (if at all) can I get this rectified?

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  • Hello MarkC,

    Thank you for providing your speed tests. We want to get to the bottom of this for you. Are you able to run a few more tests? This time, please bypass the switch and router and test directly to the modem.

    Thank you,