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Download speed 1 mbps

I have had this service less than a week. When he installed it he ran a speed check and said it was 350. I am on the ultimate package with up to 300 mbps but starting Friday we started noticing that it seemed slow. Been checking multiple times a day and it ranges 1 to 3 mbps download. I have the DAR 1682 and he said he put a new junction box outside when he installed it. What could be the problem and do I need to call for a service call? It has been reset from their end and from ours multiple times.

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    Did the technician use his/her own equipment when initially testing the speeds and showing favorable results? Can you try testing with a wired gigabit connection and see if that works any better?

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    I also have the DAR1682 showing on my equipment page, this is also called the "Panoramic WiFi". I too have been having problems with this modem, it restarts itself randomly and has slow speeds on boot up, not to mention the boot time sometimes takes 5 minutes or longer each time. I chatted and called support with my problem and they came back with the same reason, "There's too many devices connected", how can there be too many devices connected when i've seen other Cox subscribers have more than 20 devices connected at a time but yet their modem doesn't randomly restarts itself all the time? It's pretty sad that even Tier 2 support told me the same thing.

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    if you may need for someone to look into your account personally.  We can definitely be able to assist you with this.  Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email by at Provide us the name on the account with the full service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.

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    I don't know what he used to test the speed and that is with a wired gigabit connection. I have a technician coming out in the morning to see what the problem is but this seriously does not look good for me keeping Cox very long.