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Downgraded TV, but can't watch anything!

Last month we downgraded from the DVR box to basic cable. I was told that as soon as we plugged the TV into the wall it'd work. And, unsurprisingly, it didn't. Of course. So I tried to scan for channels on my TV, and the only thing that showed up was a message on channel 15 saying they've gone digital! So, how do I get a digital box thing? I would call, but being in the Navy, we don't get cell reception at work (where I spend all of your customer service hours), seeing as it's a big steel floating box. 

Also, I'm getting charged $20 more a month than I was told I was going to be. When I move I'm not keeping Cox. This company is nothing but hassle and headaches. Setting up appointments online would save a lot of time for working people. 

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    Who told you to plug your TV directly into the wall?  You need a box to decrypt the signal.

    Exchange your DVR for a basic cable-box at your Cox Service Center.  You'll either receive a Mini Box or an Advanced receiver.  Both are capable of HD.  The difference between the two is the programming in your subscription.  For example, with the Mini Box, you'll only receive the channels in the TV Starter or TV Essential packages.

    You can view the channels at  Enter your Zip at the top of the page.

    If you want a channel and it has a symbol, the symbol indicates the following:
     *    Channel requires Advanced TV Receiver, Contour Receiver or Cox-provided CableCARD
     ∆   Channel requires Contour Receiver or Cox-provided CableCARD
     ∆∆ Channel not available with Contour Receivers, mini boxes or CableCARD

    As far as the $20 increase, were you under a contractual agreement with Cox?  Meaning, you enrolled in a Price Lock Guarantee as long as you didn't lessen your services.  Depending on the time left on your Price Lock, Cox will calculate a new monthly fee.

  • Hi PurpleCarnation,

    We’d be happy to look into this issue and address your concerns. Please email my team at with this post, your full name, complete address and COXPIN.