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Double of same email every time!

Why am I getting 2 of the same email every time in my default account only? 

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    Are you using an email application? You may want to login to Webmail ( and see if those messages are still in the Inbox. You could try moving them to a different folder if you wanted to keep them; you could also delete them if they are unimportant, then try checking your email again.
  • I am also getting duplicates but it is the ones I had rules for in the old email program.  They appear in both my inbox and in the folders from the old format.  I can't find a way to view the rules so I can delete them.

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    Hi ButterflyLady,

    Do you recall the name and version of the email client you were using?

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    I am logging in to and that's where they are coming in to as duplicates. They come in at the same time.

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    Hi @dtparaus,

    When checking the webmail settings, is forwarding turned on or are there any message rules setup?

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    Same problem here.  Been going on for a couple of weeks.  How about a fix on your end Cox?

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    @WantToKnow Are you checking the account through Webmail as well or with a outside mail program where you are seeing the duplicates?