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dont know what to do

i've been with cox since they bought out cable america, like got the letter and everything. i've got a 15down and 5 up; but when i DL >ANYTHING< my down takes a nose dive to around 2mbs/s, needless to say as someone about to go into game streaming this is a massive problem for me. for the last year i've been talking to cox off and on about how to fix this and gone through the normal round about with it; all cords are replaced, even the modem and router have been replaced as well and there is no change at all. every time i talk to them now i get the typical run around with nothing new happening as it did today. the guy was actually supposed to come out for something called a "bury drop" but as usual it ended up with the typical inhouse "i'll replace a couple cords and see if that works." guy was really nice, have no problem with him; but as for cox i need them to do something about this and they dont seem to care at all. i've been with them for over 10 years and that doesnt seem to show in there care for my situation so i'm at a complete loss of what to do. 

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    Are you seeing downloads transferring at 2 MB/s or 2 Mbps? The capital letter B makes a huge difference because MB is megaBYTES whereas Mb is megaBITS. Download speeds outside of speedtests typically show throughput in megabytes (MB), speed tests show throughput in megabits (Mb).

    1 MB = 8 Mb, so if you see a file downloading at 2 MB/s that's actually 16 Mbps, which is what you pay for with the 15 Mbps plan.