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DOJ Sues DirecTV as 'Ringleader' in LA Sportsnet 'Collusion'

This was too important not to cross post. Some people here have some crow to eat I think. :-) Too bad Mz Domino is AWOL.

" Many Dodgers Fans in Los Angeles haven't been able to watch their favorite team...Competitors like AT&T, DirecTV, Cox and others balked at the company's rumored $5 per subscriber asking price for the channel... the DOJ's complaint notes that DirecTV worked with "unlawfully exchange competitively-sensitive information" to pressure Time Warner Cable in violation of antitrust rules."

In short, Cox and a couple others took TW into a back room and squeezed them for a better deal for their customers. I see this as a win and Cox should spin it that way.

See full story here:

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    See full story here:

    Story? It's an opinion/editorial/comment written by a member/moderator at DSLR characterizing his view of a Justice Department press release. Not exactly AP or Reuters.

    And the "news" that was so important as to return from self imposed exile? I guess it's supposed to be that cable companies conspire to screw consumers. Who knew!?

    But I suspect the vast majority of customers are happy they didn't have to pony up $5/month so a minority of customers could watch the Dodgers. So, good job Cox. Keep up the good work. Now if you could only apply your new found backbone in dealing with the content providers who really drive our cable bills.

    Read the actual releases here:

    DOJ press release:

    DOJ complaint filed:

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    How do you define "story"? Of all the responses to this post I expected, someone correcting my syntactics is not one of them. The "opinion piece" references the exact same links you provided. So in a way, your response is the opinion piece, and not a very well written one either.

    I didn't "return from self imposed exile". I switched to FIOS so I stopped posting when I was no longer a customer. Even made a thread on it. I am not "back".  I wanted to share interesting news which related directly to many threads on the subject. If this bothers you, go bug a moderator. Otherwise, please keep all responses on topic.

    I also remember you and how you are grumpy and like to correct people to make yourself feel better. Feeling better now? Want some oranges?