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Does Ultimate still provide 3 DHCP IP addresses/how can I get a 2nd IP address on Ultimate

I have a Cisco Meraki MX64W, and I would like to configure a second MX64W in Warm Spare mode.  In order to do so, each device needs it's own IP address (see  "WAN configuration: Each appliance must have its own IP address to exchange management traffic with the Meraki Cloud Controller. "

Apparently, Cox used to offer a Multiple Computer Access (MCA) service (see, then stopped because they thought IPv6 and a higher prevalence of routers in the home made it obsolete.  Then, I guess the Ultimate tier offered 3 DHCP address, but this is no longer mentioned anywhere and the support reps seem to be oblivious to it.

Now I'm being told that the only way I can get a 2nd IP is to upgrade to a Cox Business account or purchase a 2nd Residential connection (this 2nd option would probably not even work...not the same thing). sum..if I want a 2nd IP address from Cox, I need to start paying $250/mo for 100Mbps business connection vs. $85/mo for a 300Mbps residential connection.  Keep in mind, this 2nd IP will NOT produce much traffic...just VRRP heartbeats.  That'll be $180 extra per month please.  Pathetic.  

Is there really no way to get a 2nd IP address on a residential plan?  Is Cox being stingy or just myopic?

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    Once the MCA service was discontinued the ability to provision more than 1 IP on a residential account was removed from our system. Our business services department would be your best option if you still require this feature.

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    Unfortunately, you gouge your business customers so badly, that's not going to be a viable option for me.  If there is anyway for you to relay a message directly to the person or group that made that bone-headed decision, please tell them I hate them.