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Does the contour cable box shut off? blue light always on?

We got Contour cable installed yesterday. We got the basic HD receiver. It is not DVR.  We were wondering how you know if the box if turned OFF. The blue light in the right corner of the box never turns off. Is that by design? My assumption is pressing the all power button on the remote is supposed to turn my TV and contour box off simultaneously? There is just no visual way of knowing is the box is on or off. This morning when I got up I felt the box that in theory should have been off for several hours and it is hot to the touch as if it was on all night. Is there any way or being able to tell is the box is on or off?

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  • phil9927

    If you've got the Contour 2 HD receiver, the power doesn't shut off. When you press the power button the TV shuts off and the receiver goes into a power save mode.

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