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Does anyone have a Smart TV, C2 Cox Contour box, Sound Bar and Blu Ray Player layout?

Since Cox installed a C2 Contour box to clear problems.  Now the Blu Ray player is no longer working. The tech mumbled something about 'not enough inputs' on the cable box and then said he couldn't do anything else.

The new box cleared up service problems (pixelizing and having to have box reset,) but the Blu Ray now isn't working?

Has anyone run across this?

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  • Hello,

    How do you have the blue ray hooked up to the tv?

    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator

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    Connect Contour 2 box via HDMI cable to TV input 1. Connect Bluray player via HDMI cable to TV input 2. Connect TV audio out (Fiber Optic or Digital Coaxial PCM preferred) to sound bar input. TV should output sound from selected HDMI input or Smart TV app to sound bar. Set Contour 2 remote to control sound bar volume & turn TV speakers off. Set TV digital audio output for Dolby Digital or PCM mode that works best with your sound bar. If TV only has analog audio output, use the appropriate adapter cable to connect sound bar. Set TV analog audio output to "Fixed" (rather than variable) to provide a "line" level output and allow sound bar to control volume.