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Do I need to call in to swap modems?

I've own a 6120 that is several years ago.   For the past week or so, I have needed to reboot it... as it seems to lose the internet connection; despite showing all good lights on it and my WiFi router.

A friend has given me a 6141 to use .... can I just swap out the two modems or do I need to call into Cox to have this done?

I tried to use the site, but it just redirects to the Residential home page.

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    You'll need to first have your friend contact us to have the modem removed from his account if he was a Cox customer. This is required even if his service is no longer active as how the modem will stay with the account even after disconnect. Assuming the modem is not linked to another account you should be able to hook it up and fill out the self-activation form that appears when you try to access the Internet via a web browser.

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    yes unlike the netgear cm600 the moto6141 is on the self install drop down, but can't be assocated with an account already