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Do I need a tuner adapter for a TiVo Bolt.

I am buying a TiVo Bolt to replace my TiVo Premier.   The Premier uses a Cisco STA1520 tuner adapter.

1.  Do I need an adapter for the volt?

2. If so, can I use the same adapter?

3. Do I need a new Cablecard.

4. Can I install the Adapter and Cablecard myself?

I could not find any info about tuner adapters on the Cox website.

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    yes you need a tuning adapter and cable card for the new bolt they will need to be associated with the new bolt so you will need to call cox.  also if you want to keep watching tv on your premiere it still needs a cable card and tuning adapter

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    You should be able to setup TiVo with a cable card and the Cox services. Please check out this link for more information on other equipment that you may need as well. Let us know if this help you with your services.