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Disappointment in Services


I'd like to complain about the huge disappointment I've had with your company adding the latest data caps. Much of all communication/entertainment is streamed through the internet. While you say 98% of customers won't be affected, this will not be the case for long. With the addition of Ultra High Definition being added and more entertainment being switched over to this, the 1TB cap will become a problem. I'm just one individual and I'm sure your company already knows this, which is why I'm greatly disappointed. The main thing I'd like to come out of this post, is a possible change to the "Ultimate" plan.

The Ultimate plan states it provides up to 300 Mbps download with up to 30 Mbps upload. I've never once seen anything remotely close to this 300 Mbps connection. I've attached a link of my internet speed test just performed prior to this post.

As you can see in this link I've only reached 174.24 Mbps. If I was to call right now and talk to technical support, they'd tell me that's without allowed tolerance of, "up to 300 Mbps". I've never seen higher than 185 Mbps connection ever in all my speed test over the years. If we do the math, 174.24 Mbps, is only at 58.08% of my, "up to 300 Mbps", connection. How about I receive a 42% increase to my cap of 1TB then? I don't see how this isn't fair. I was never provided the full potential of your service so I should be credited the same.

I look forward to a customer service response. Thanks for your time.