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Disappointing Issue

First let me say that all of the service reps, both first and second level support, have been wonderful.  They spent a lot of time with me on the phone and one took the extra step to call Cox Corporate which apparently revealed a broader issue.

However, after 22+ years as a Cox customer I find myself disappointed that, when I got a new Contour box yesterday, after working briefly it rebooted and then suddenly I was not getting the correct channel feed (Xfinity??) and am unable to watch anything, including On Demand or any premium channels. 

I am informed by second level support that this is being actively worked and has high visibility (which probably means a lot of people are affected) but as of today there is no estimated repair date.  The best they could tell me was maybe 48 hours.

I am not mad, just disappointed that such a significant issue is taking so long to resolve.

I am posting on the forum to see if anyone else experienced this and maybe to get Cox to increase the resources they are putting on this issue and get it resolved sooner.

I know that Cox will get this resolved and will probably do something for their affected customers to take the sting off of this.

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  • Hi IvanA,

    Our video engineering team is still working to resolve this issue. We have found a temporary fix that restores the correct Guide and channel lineup on host receivers. The workaround requires coordination so that immediately after a signal is sent to the receiver, the power is unplugged from the receiver for one minute. We are happy to assist you in completing these steps! Please email with your full name, address, and a link to this page.

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    I am working now! 

    Thank you Becky!

    And thanks Cox!!

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    Great please let us know if you have further issues and you're most welcome.