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Disappointed with the new data caps

Cox has recently implemented data cap overage charges for everything beyond 1TB per month. This is affecting much more than the "3%" of users they are claiming. We have had this reported on the local Channel 13 News in Las Vegas, NV already. They used to have a softcap of 2TB and silently lowered it to 1TB last year, using the same statistics, claiming 97% of users won't ever go over 2TB, then they said the same thing about 97% of users won't ever go over 1TB. They did not publish where their statistics are coming from either. Their overage charges are $10/50GB. It is actually cheaper to sign up with another account. $99/mo gets you their "ultimate" tier which is 300Mbps with a 1TB cap. 1TB in overages is actually $200 so if you used 2TB you would be charged $300 unless you had a separate modem and swapped out in the middle of the month. This is extremely anti-consumer. Plenty of content is legally available that is in 4K and very educational such as Discovery. Their network traffic usage meters have been tested by quite a few people and compared against home routers logging traffic usage (which is going to be much more accurate), Cox is showing MUCH more used than what the routers are reporting. There is a bit of overhead with packets but nothing that would contribute to 100GB differences in traffic reporting.

Make sure to file a report with the FCC and the BBB (FCC is most important):

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    Due to frequent drops in my connections over any given month, it is highly unlikely I will reach that 1T threshold.