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disappearing emails?

hello.  I use cox web mail.  frequently, I get entire weeks of emails that just disappear.  is there any way to get them back?  most recently, 4/8-4/15  all disappeared  I have several more weeks where this has occurred...  any advice?

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    Hello jmcustomer,

    This can be very frustrating having emails just disappear, have you checked your other folders for these emails to see if they were somehow moved in error?

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    Yes. I am pretty simple with my email set up...  but yes.  I have lots of emails (usually blocks of 4-7 days,that just diappear... the last instance,  I have a reply, but the note itself . . .  gone

    Consdiering leaving WebMail if I cant get this resolved.

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    Hi Jmcustomer,

    It sounds like you have your Cox email account set up on an email client like Outlook or Windows Live Mail with a POP account.  An email client will remove emails from the server (Webmail) depending on the Delivery settings.  There's a setting that allows you to keep the messages on the server for x amount of days and the email client will remove the messages once it reaches that day.  If you can find the email program that's causing the issues, those missing messages will be in the Inbox of that email client.