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Device List Names Changed or Disappear

Have  edited names for the devices listed, and saved them, then in later sessions some of the names show up on different devices ("Den PC" changed to "Bathroom Laptop" and "Bathroom Laptop" changed to "No Device Name".  Sometimes every device will be changed to "No Device Name".  Then many sessions later some of the names will reappear for either the correct device or the wrong device.

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    Are you referring to the Contour App or devices on your wireless network?

  • My wireless network.   After clicking in my Wi-FI, it shows Internet Info, then Network Settings, then Device List.  When I click on Device List it rarely shows the same names for all of the various MAC addresses. 

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    Hi @MasterOfMyDomain,

    Does the device name/MAC address list change every time your visit or refresh the page?

  • Yes, the list changes depending on which devices are connected, and one or more of the devices listed will show the wrong name.  Sometimes, infrequently, it will include some devices as "Inactive"  I just checked the list and 3 devices show the wrong names:  one active device and one inactive device, and one active device now shows no name.  Three active devices and one inactive device show the correct names.

  • An I-Phone and I-Pad had their MAC addresses swapped.   An HP laptop's name disappeared.

    A Toshiba laptop, a Netgear range extender, and a Brother wireless printer rarely, if ever, are wrong.

    I tried to check the device listing right now (11:03 am) but my Wi-Fi won't load, giving the following message:

    "Error 408 Oops! We're currently experiencing system difficulties. Please refresh your browser."

    I've logged out and refreshed the browser 3 times with no luck.

    It is now 2 hours later.  Cox is still experiencing system difficulties.  Good grief!

    It is now 4 hours later.  I not only refreshed my browser but rebooted the computer.   Will try resetting the modem...sigh

    Reset the modem.  Still failed.  Rebooted the computer again.  Still failed.  Happy hour starts in 15 minutes...nobody ever had a heart attack from being early, so...Cheers!

    Sixsh ours  an shtil no my wy-fy. 

    It is now 8:08 pm:  9 hours with no access to My Wi-Fi as I desperately dwell in the dungeon of despair. depressed as daylight departs.  Oh woe is me!

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    Is the portal not working or the service? What version iOS is on the iPhone and iPad? -StephanieA
  • I don't know what you mean by portal or service, but here is how I get to my Device List:

    1. Log in to my Cox account

    2. Page down to My Internet.  It has icons to "View Email", "Speed Test",  "My Wi-Fi", "Modem Reset".  I click on "My Wi-Fi".

    3. A screen comes up showing "Internet Info", "Network Settings", "Device List".  The error message said that Cox could not access the Network or Modem.  Because of this I could not click on "Device List".  I obviously had an internet connection and was obviously on the Cox website.  This problem lasted through the weekend, so my guess is Cox was doing system maintenance.  If so may I suggest changing the message to "We are doing system maintenance and this feature will not be available until Monday."

    I don't know what the IOS is on the IPhone (probably a 6) and IPad but this is not an Apple issue.  Two HP laptops and a second Toshiba laptop also have their Device Names changed or lost.

    We have 3 IPhones and they all have 2 MAC addresses.  For each set of 2  the last 6 characters are the same:, for example: aa:bb:cc:B6:B2:39 and xx:yy:zz:B6:B2:39.  

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    We don't suggest posting the devices Mac ID on a public forum. I suggest removing that information from your post. You can email us at with the details. It sounds like everything is working now. Is that correct? If not, I will need to try to log in here to review. Please email us the account details and a link to this post.

  • Those were fake MAC addresses just to provide an example of what 2 MAC addresses for one device looked like.

    I can't remove them because the ability to edit a post no longer appears as a choice.  

    The device lists have been correct for two consecutive days.  Once it is clear that the fix is permanent I will post it.

    Thank you, Stephanie,  for continuing to follow up on this thread.