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Details of Cisco DTA 250HD mini cable box ?

Greeting Cox Users,

Is there more information for the cisco dta 250hd mini cable box with remote urc-2220-r?

I have a home theater system with a network reciever, 4K tv, Sony BD, and HT-PC and this device does not work very well as a HDMI output device.

1. How do I turn on HDMI-CEC (consumer electronics control) for this cable box?

2. How do I turn off or sleep the cable box, e.g. it's running hot when everything else is off ?

3. What is the IR remote code for the cable box so I can use my universal remote?

4. How do I change the resolution and frame rate of the cable box HDMI output (e.g. want upscale 1080p/24 to 4K) ?

5. How do I change the HDMI audio output of the cable box to bitstream (so my receiver can decode HD audio)?

Do you have any suggestions on how to add tv cable content to my system. Perhaps there is a better set top box available? Can I bring my own set top box to Cox? 


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    I'm not sure about the IR code however none of the other features you mentioned are available. The mini-box is designed to be a minimalist solution to the loss of direct to set TV resulting from going all digital. None of our boxes however do 4K due to lack of content.