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Deleting old, inaccessible support forum accounts?

Online chat support could not help me. Phone support could not help me. Data Tech had never heard of this forum at all before so they couldn't help me either.

I have two now inactive and inaccessible but not closed support forum accounts I would like deleted if possible. What happened is that I recently took over ownership of our cox account by having it transferred to my name, in doing so I lost access to our original support forum accounts when our account number changed. One of them is tied to the same email address I use with cox right now but I am unable to set up a new forum account with said email address because I am told it a user is already using that address.

Put simply, if at all possible, I would like the following support forum accounts deleted. Not my cox account or cox webmail accounts, just the support forum accounts below.


I can verify these accounts were mine if need be. I can tell you what email addresses they were linked to as "forum emails" and respond to a verification email to confirm deletion. Or I could give you account pin numbers from the time they were in used.

Just once more for good measure. Jagick and Jagblade are cox support forum names / profiles I would like deleted as I can no longer use or access them, nor can I tie my current cox email address or secondary email to this forum account because it says my email is already in use on this forum. I had to make a brand new email account just to set up a new forum account here to see if you could help. -- Again these are not main cox account user IDs. I do not want my cox or webmail accounts closed, just those two forum accounts if at all possible.

I don't mean to come off as a jerk. It's just that I've spend the last six hours talking to various support representatives who either thought I was trying to delete my main account and webmail, or individuals who didn't know this support forum even exists.

Please forgive any rudeness and thank you for your help!

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    Email us at with your account info and the email address you're trying to register with (if different) and we can try looking from there.

  • Thank you for the response Chris, it's been taken care of! I am now able to use my current cox email address with this forum account.