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Deleting emails

Is there a simpler way of deleting many pages of emails at one time?  Doing one page at a time is too time consuming.  Thank you

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  • MaryannR,

    The options to delete emails will vary depending on which platform your inbox is on.

    If you're using webmail on our legacy email you can either delete messages a page at a time, up to 100 messages at once, or you can empty the whole folder under the manage folders option in settings.

    Once all users are migrated to webmail on the new platform, message management will be a bit different. In the new email you'll have a "select all option" for moving and deleting messages and even be able to drag messages to folders.

    Another option you have if on the original email platform is to manage email using a third party app configured using IMAP. This mail protocol allows user to configure third party software to sync to our mail servers. If mail is deleted from your device configured using IMAP, the mail is also deleted from our server.