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Deleting emails on Cox email server clears emails on my Outlook account

I use Outlook 2013 to manage my emails from Yesterday, I could not receive any emails, and found out that my 2 GB email capacity was full. First of all, how to set up the server to delete the emails 10 days after they are downloaded to my Outlook account? Then, I manually deleted the emails on the server, however, today I found that all my emails in my Outlook account was also cleared. Why deleting emails on the server to make up space would clear local emails on my Outlook account on my computer? Is there a way to recover those deleted emails? I'm desperate as all my emails are gone. Please help ASAP!

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    First, you can't setup a retention period, like 10 days after download, on the server.

    When you setup your Cox account in Outlook, it uses either POP3 or IMAP protocol. If you did an automatic setup, Outlook probably selected one for you, if it was manual, you selected either POP or IMAP. My guess is you are using IMAP, that means your client (Outlook) is kept in sync with the server, when an item is deleted on one, it's deleted from the other. That's the way IMAP works, by spec. That could be the reason deleting on the server removed them from Outlook.

    Now to recover ... have you looked in all other folders, specifically the Trash folder. If there is anything of value in there, move it out immediately before it's deleted. If there isn't anything in the other folders, that's it, game over, there is no way to recover unless you have a backup on your local machine.

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    I notice there appears to be a lack of any Cox replies to questions on emails. come on Cox - it's been 4 days since this was asked., where are you?