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delete all spam

After getting call from friend about why I'm never answering his emails, found many wanted emails labeled as spam,  Haven't looked at spam webmail box for awhile and found moe than 1400 items in there.  Checked the legit ones as "not spam", but would like to dilete all still in there at once.  Hitting delete all button only deletes THAT PAGE...about 47 I have to do it continually.  And I have to constantly delete stuff from the trash bin to make room for new deleted spam items.

?Is it possible to DELETE EVERYTHING in the spam webmail folder at once?,


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  • pallen38,

    It appears your ID that you're registered with for forums is on the new email platform. When viewing the folder list you should see a hamburger to the right of the spam folder. Clicking here to expand the menu should give you the option to delete all messages.

  • by "hamburger" do you mean the 3 parallel lines?  and then would empty trash delete ALL trash not just 50? as slow as that works i'm hoping once is done.

    at least now it shows a message saying there's more.  i did not see that in the beginning.  silly me....i thought "all" meant "ALL!" was surprised to continue to see a full page.

  • and why is no moderator weighing in on the lack of spam filters? there's a thread in the apps forum...but we're all preaching to the choir.  it's obvious WE can't answer this.  some input & direction please?

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    That's correct the 3 lines. You would check select all to delete all the emails in that folder. We will reply back on the spam filters as well. Thanks