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Delayed and Undelivered Emails

I am on the new webmail server. I know after the conversion there was an issue sending emails timely. Has that been resolved? I have learned recently that some of my emails were never delivered.

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    Scroll down in this forum to "Random Email Failures Redux" (last post was 9/16 or 9/17).  I started having this issue a few weeks ago..... others have been dealing with it for far longer.  I'm still waiting for my missing emails.

  • need s response to this issue soon. Mail is crucial, timely mail is essential. where is the love.

  • Same problem.  Cox blames the senders internet connection or servers.  One guy was awfully rude when I called.  

  • whyisthishappening2

    If you're still having trouble with Cox webmail please send more details about what's happening.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    there has been multiple reports of email issues over the last 5 days.... which Cox management has decided not to address other than explaining "It's an upgrade to our new '' webmail/email system..."

    it is apparent that Technical support has been told to 'Create a help ticket', tell the customer 'it has been submitted to technical support service & someone will contact you 24-48 hours..'

    The Cox forum has many similar complaints as does other technical Blogs, ie. DSL Reports.

    Now what we have to watch out for is "explainable bandwidth issues" to those customers who complain about service....

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    I keep having "fails" with email that should not happen. Addresses, etc. are all ok. Also, I am receiving 2 of every incoming email. What's up?
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    Hi gmcg,

    Are you using web-mail or a 3rd party system?
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    This is the answer I received from COX last week on my continuing... random issue under CUI000004819873

    The email service isn't currently experiencing any issues however I suspect the problem lies with both of your account.  With a little more testing I might be able to determine why this is however at this time we do not have enough data to escalate this matter.  Should you change your mind let us know.

  • not a problem! is the worst insult An ISP can provide. Moderators have no answers, but questions, Yet i bet they collect a paycheck we pay for.

    BYE BYE Cox. this is the way Good customers find other options, what a horrible business model.