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Dead slow Internet at night for 2 months now

Works normally during the day yet barely works at night. I have ultimate. Can get close to 400M down during the day but at night it drops into single digits with 0-1m up. Tech support can't even see my Modem. Apparently San Diego (where I live) is the hardest hit with this problem. Are there any plans to upgrade the plant?

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    What model modem do you have? Also what are the signal levels? They are usually found at but can give specific once I know what model you have. I have heard of some uncorrectables effecting the 900Mhz range in the SD area, but that may be isolated. 

    PS. I doubt it's a saturation problem or anything a upgrade can fix. SD infrastructure is some of the most up to date in the country. They were one of the first to give 32 downstream channels. Except for D3.1 there is nothing left to upgrade to.