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day light saving time

how do I get the time updated on my cable boxes for daylight savings time.  I have unplugged for 5 minutes  still wrong time.

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  • buggy5,

    I've located your account based on the email address you used to register your Forums user ID. I've updated your cable boxes, which may have caused them to reset. Please check the time and let me know if it is fixed.

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    Hello ColleenD.  Ever since the Daylight Savings Time change, I also am having the same issue...wrong time on my boxes.  Do I need to open a ticket or can you assist .  Thanks,


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    If you've already tried unplugging the power cord for 60 seconds and still having issue email your full address and primary name to so we can reset the box from this end.

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    Should be a setting in the box.

    Lucky for me my State does not waste my time with day light savings.