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How about you give me credit for the portion of the data cap that I don't use or roll it over into the next month.

The first time you charge me for going over that data cap I will be gone.

Right now I believe you are under counting the usage but after October you will start over counting the usage.

I don't believe your count is accurate.

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  • Hello, hopefully the data cap will actually affect you. If you do need more data, we are introducing additional data plans soon, including an Unlimited option. New data plans will be available later this year. Options, pricing, and other details will be shared at that time. As a reminder, Cox provides a grace period of two consecutive billing cycles. During the grace period, you receive notifications and information about your data usage, but you won’t be charged for any usage above your data plan.  Be sure to check out your Data Usage Meter online at or in the Cox Connect app to help you better understand your data usage.

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    My above comments still stand.  Nothing you have said changes or answers those comments in the least.

  • I see that Cox directed the moderators to trash the panoply of comments about the horrific data cap.  Let's be honest...there is no democracy in Coxland.  This is a top-down, iron-fisted, authoritarian cable company and they own this forum.  The rest of you should know that Cox just deleted almost 200 comments, 99% of which were against the data cap.  Let's keep it simple...just dream about the most expensive, least fair 1 TB data cap, with expensive charges for data overages...and you have pretty much figured out what is ahead in terms of Internet costs for cash-strapped, data-hungry families.  Cox got you data-addicted for 17 years...and now you're going to go almost cold turkey.  If you have to dump data-hungry streaming services to stay under 1 TB, because you previously  "cut the cable" to your TV, DirecTV has some deals right now.  Check them out.  I do NOT work for DirecTV.  But given the conduct of Cox with regard to this data cap, I want to make sure they don't get a red cent for TV services.

    NOTE TO DannyS:

    Tell your higher-ups not to wait too long with their plan to have customers buy data in blocks to avoid the $10/50GB punishment in October.  I just returned my Panoramic box and reduced my Internet service one tier and I had to wait in line for awhile, while other disgruntled customers who were ahead of me either canceled or reduced their services like I did. 

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    I'm in agreement. 

    1TB is not nearly enough for the $100 we pay for internet alone. I chose this plan because the Gigablast service is not available to us and we are fine with 150 down. 2 TB seemed fair, but when Cox decided they would stealth reduce it to 1TB, I spoke with a lot of different agents and they all had the same "our studies show that 95% of Cox customers will never go over". My reply was that we chose the highest level of service that we could get in our area that covered us data cap wise so we WOULDN'T go over the limit.

    Sorry to say this, but having a higher tier package should come with more data to utilize. If it works in business plans, it should work in consumer plans.

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