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Data Usage

When I look at my Data Usage screen (under my Modem) I get the following message: Service Interruption.

I did all the steps listed but can't get rid of the message  I even reset my modem.    I check my cell phone and my tablets and everything is fine they are all connected.  

What do I do next?

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    Hi Sami,

    I understand you're trying to access your Data Usage screen and getting "Service Interruption".  Just to clarify, where are you trying to access your Data Usage?  From the Cox website or on the Cox Connect app?  If on the app, please uninstall and reinstall the app and let us know if that is successful.  If on the website, please clear your cookies/cache and share your findings.

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    Mary,   I can access the Data Usage from the Cox website,but I get that message "Service interruption".  I have cleared my cookie/cache, but the message is still there .  I am under the impression that it should be green and the message should be" Service

    Connected".  All my devices work and the app is fine.


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    I will need to look at the account specifically in order to get this resolved. Please email us at with the user name and a link to this post.