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Data Usage Meter not working all the sudden.

Why has the Data Usage Meter been stopped and removed  ??? . Mine has not worked since 7/12/17 . Why is it not available all the sudden?? How can we get it working again ??

instead this....The data usage for your account is not currently being captured and will not apply to your current data plan. If you have any questions regarding your data usage plan, please contact Customer Care or Live Chat for assistance.

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  • Hi Nm22c,

    I want to look into this for you. Please email your account info to

    Thank you,

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    I have had the same issue, it comes up and goes down. How the f are we supposed to monitor our new data caps Cox?

    If cox meter doesnt even work, how we can we trust Cox is being honest our actualy data usage when the charge us the new data cap fees? 

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    I also have the same problem- I read it as my useage isnt being captured and will not apply to current data plan means the meter is off not just working.

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    My data usage meters is off.

    My bill shows one monthly period, data usage meter shows another period.  WTF

  • notbychoice,

    Usage periods do not always match billing cycles. I received your email and will respond to your other questions there shortly.

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    I have also been having issues with my data usage.  My usage, as captured by Cox, for period June-July 2017 was almost 1 Tb, which is totally ridiculous!  I used the Cox Data Usage calculator and provided very liberal estimates and it estimated my monthly usage should be a little over 100 Gb. I changed my wifi password and it seemed to help somewhat.  I good example of the problem is my usage for 7/24/17, which Cox registered as 50 Gb - what??  I was on my desktop computer that day for about 30 minutes.  No streaming or other excessive data usage.

    I think Cox needs to answer to its customers' concerns about data usage, especially with this surcharge coming for max limits.  I personally will consider very seriously switching to ATT fiber if these problems are not resolved.  It's faster and no usage limits!!

  • No meter for me either.  I get the same message as Nm22c.  This has been the case for a while but since I do not check my usage as regularly as others I cannot pinpoint when it stopped working.

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    Hello Pyanko,

    Please send us an email with your service address and a link to this forums to Thanks

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    Hello Stinkfoot63,

    Please send us an email with your service address and a link to this forums to Thanks

  • I've been in email contact with support and hopefully the issue is being addressed- a "ticket" was issued.  It seems more or less obvious that this is less an individual account issue and more a wider scope.  I'd be curious to know if anyone can use the meter at this point.