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I downloaded at least 50GB yesterday. I logged into because I am now forced to waste my time and monitor my data usage daily with the new Data Cap. The Data Usage meter shows zero...none...absolutely no data used yesterday. 

So this brings be to the point I have made to every Cox support person I have talked to, this is garbage. Cox's tools are clearly not working and we the customers are being told to ration our data usage based off these tools. 

Now after last month when I went over the data cap and received no notifications like I was promised, I probably will fall just short of the 85% of the cap to receive a notification this month. 

So I still dont know if the notifications work......they dont.

I still can't analyze my data usage and ration according to the Data Usage doesnt work. 

All while under the threat of being charged MORE MONEY.

This is the last straw, this is the last complaint, this is the last opportunity Cox Communications has to retain a customer of almost 10 years. If Cox is going to threaten me with charging me more money based on their garbage data monitor that has not worked accurately for MONTHS then I am going elsewhere. 

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    I did take a look at this and your usage is showing current as of yesterday. Note that it can take 24/48 hours for the most current data to populate.

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    In almost a dozen interactions with Cox, this is the first time I am told it takes 24-48hrs to populated the data usage meter. 

    So now you are telling me I have to check multiple times to monitor my data usage? Wow it keeps get worse and worse. Total garbage. 

    1. Told I have to monitor and ration my usage

    2. Told the tools are garbage and dont really work

    3. Goodbye, you have lost a customer.