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Data Usage Limits

Thank you for the grace period, we have some learning to do.  My question is whether or not Cox will provide carry over of some or all of the data usage that we are paying for monthly?  This is a common practice of wireless companies to accommodate the uneven usage of home customers.  For instance the new purchase of a gaming device (Xbox, PS,...) can and does use in excess of 400 GB to move old games and profiles info to the new box.  

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  • Pete037

    At this time we don't have plans for "carry-over" as far as our Data Caps go. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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    Data rollover----This is a great question, one I suspect many users who are concerned over going over their data limit would welcome if Cox would ever consider implementing it.

    However beneficial a "win-win" concept this is and how I, for one, would welcome such a policy change, be prepared for the likely reply, that as it does not pertain to technical issues or problems with Cox-provided equipment or services, this forum is not the appropriate place to pose the question.

    P.S. I see that there has already been a similarly-worded response.