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Data Plan? This is a rip-off!

I received an email stating that I would be limited to 1 terabyte of data transfer on my current HSI Bundle. If I now go over the data plan; I will then be charged $10/ 50 gigabytes that exceed the plan. It seems convenient that COX can lock you into a Bundle package (at unlimited data) then change the terms; however if you decide to change your plan then they can charge you for failing to meet the agreement. COX still operates on a coaxial system in my neighborhood and on fiber optics in newer neighborhoods. My HSI has never met the speeds at which Cox states they offer it but apparently that's not an agreement requirement, for them. When I contacted COX to ask about the changes and why the extra charges? it was "Because all Internet providers are going to this type of plan." When I asked how they could change the terms of our agreement? The reply was "It's not a service contract." So what I have determined is that through corporate conspiracy and greed the powers that be have decided that greed and profit is their "Number 1 Priority" and not we the customers at all. Except for a 2yr stint with DISH I have been with COX for over 25yrs but only because of availability in the areas and because my 5 children were required to have it for school. I have 1 child left in school and would greatly appreciate the savings that I would gain by cutting out my Bundled package. It seems that just because a service is provided, corporations believe that they can charge whatever they please without repercussions. Not the case. Humans existed for thousands of years without the technology that we now have. Only in the last 140 years have we accepted technology and communication as a standard. By reducing what we all might use within the technological boundaries we have now, we might find that we can get back to more important things such as family and life in general. SO DATA PLAN? I think not. I can shut down my agreement with COX in a few months at the end of my bundle package plan and start doing things more important instead of worrying about how to pay extra for something that was never there before. Have fun COX, from what I see there are plenty of customers who will be seeking services elsewhere or just giving them up. Have a wonderful future!

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    I'm with you.  I might never reach the 1T cap but the fact that there's a cap does not make this plan "unlimited".