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Data Plan Changed from 2000GB to 1000GB - Still On The Same Ultimate

So the data plan for Ultimate changed from 2TB (2000GB) to 1TB without any warning, or anything, is this even legal?

My last post got deleted.

I'll take a screenshot of this post and if it gets deleted I'll just upload it to reddit, youtube, facebook, where I have a combined 83k+ people reading what I have to say.

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    I see Cox did delete the post. Could a moderator respond to why?  Cox is being VERY shady about this whole thing. If this one gets deleted I will keep creating duplicates threads until answered.  Not wise to mess with bored nerds. 

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    Other than the original post not being technical in nature I don't see anything that would have violated the rules of this forum. Whatever may have happened I was not involved in that process.

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    IMO the amount of bandwidth available to a tier is just as important as the speed. If Cox decreased the speed of the Ultimate tier without any notice before OR after, wouldn't that warrant a post asking why? And then when someone posts a question, a Cox employee deletes the post (even though you said they shouldn't have) and there is no notice of who did?  

    I would like to suggest this forum get some 3rd party moderators. This and other mistakes show Cox moderators to be company bias.