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Data overage

Was just notified that my household went over the data usage for the month.  My billing cycle ends in less than 24 hours, yet I am being charged $10 for 50GB.  If Cox is going to do this, why don't they roll over data that you DON'T use in a month? Seems like the fair thing to do.  I would rather get my internet cut off or throttled back than pay more money. I didn't agree to anything more than the Premier package at $79.99 month.

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    Thanks for your input this link should help with future use

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    Agreed. I just received a bill for over $200 for internet only....Bunch of B.S. them charging EXISTING customers for "overage" when there was no such entity when we signed up for the service. They added this to get more money because they are greedy. I know there is no way in *** I am willing to pay that much for some fake charges for "data usage" that was not included in my original contract with Cox.

    Cox, if you want to charge these stupid data usage fees, it should ONLY be for new accounts, not for accounts that were already established. I can guarantee that I will NOT be paying these fees because I'll just switch to another company that does NOT have this ** and treat their subscribers better.  You must be related to Time Warner!!!

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    Agreed. And their sad excuse of a "data usage explanation" page is utter drivel. I work in the IT field, I know exactly how much data can be consumed when you have a household using various legal streaming sites in HD. And let's not get into the Steam downloads where games are hitting 70+ GB in size. Or heaven forbid your kid wants to download the entirety of WoW. There's 150GB gone.

    Trying to mask it with some phony numbers to knowledgeable people is not how you keep customers. There was NO data caps mentioned when I signed up for your services. I did not agree to any increase in money being taken from me. I refuse to pay overage charges. I will do as the Brenden above mentions and find another ISP that doesn't play these stupid penny pinching games.

    You have problems delivering promised speeds to your customers? Use all that money and upgrade your infrastructure. Slimey crooks is all I get from this and you will be receiving a phone call to cancel services very soon.

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    From their page they just linked...


    Streaming Video: Streaming video, such as content from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, typically accounts for the highest data usage. Some video streaming providers default to High Definition which uses at least two times as much data as Standard Definition. Consider changing your default setting to Standard Definition to reduce data usage.

    Is that a joke? I have a beautiful HD TV and computer monitors. You're telling me because of your inability to deliver on promised speeds I have to change my life around you? I don't think so. I pay for the agreed service I signed up for. Not what you come up with on a whim. Standard Definition in this day and age? You guys are sick in the head. And I know *** well this has nothing to do with infrastructure and is only a money grab. MOVE ON WITH THE TIMES. The internet is not going away, and people need cable TV less and less. You are just wanting to push us back to cable TV, loaded with commercials, watching shows on your schedule, instead of choosing what I want to watch when I want to watch it.

    Completely infuriated with this move.

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    Cox joining the list of greedy and sneaky ISPs.