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Data Caps

Are there any plans to implement charges for going over my allotted data? I find it a bit absurd that if I were actually getting the advertised speeds, I could easily max out my data plan in a day. I have noticed the only competition in this area has implemented data caps, all this just a few months before the local company installs gigabit fiber. If data caps are imposed, I will cancel my services that same day.

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    They already implemented overage fees in Cleveland, so I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before they bring it to the other markets.

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    They recently cut the Ultimate tier data plan in half to only 1TB  so they obviously have plans to start gouging their customers. Otherwise what's the point of changing a cap they don't enforce?

    It's no coincidence that 1TB is roughly the cutoff point for consuming media primarily through online streaming vs. traditional cable television.

    They could choose to simply compete with cord-cutters by offering a better service but no, they want to try and force their cable television service on people by abusing their monopoly.