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Data Caps in Phoenix: Explain why this is anything other than a money grab.

Dear Cox,

You are about to enable data caps that charge up to $50/mo in overages, essentially doubling the cost of internet for high-usage users. Why should anyone half to pay DOUBLE what they were paying before?

It's very upsetting to me that you are adding additional rules to a service without reducing the base price. 

If "bandwidth hogs" really cost you more, then pass the savings on to other consumers. $125/mo is an unbelievably high price for unlimited 50mbps internet, but that's what you're about to charge.

I ask that you reconsider this obvious money grab, or at least offer lower prices for your "metered" 1TB connections. 

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  • Hello,

    You may not need to fully upgrade to our unlimited service if by chance you slightly go over the imposed 1T cap.  You should be able to login to your account to follow your usage to see what plans will work best for you.  If you have not discussed pricing options, you may want to look online or call to see if we may have a offer that may lower the base price of the service.