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Data Cap

This post is NOT SOLVED. You're a garbage company.

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Posted: 28 Jun 2017
Post Subject: Data Cap
Post author: jpeg

Congratulations..... after having me as a customer at two addresses for a total exceeding 35 years, you have finally managed to force me to leave.

Most companies have limited their greed to a max of $50 a month in overages...NOT COX.

Some companies offer an upper tier for unlimited data...NOT COX

Some companies don't even enforce a cap for customers that use multiple services...NOT COX.

What does COX want to do...charge me $200 extra a month to exceed a 2tb cap that they took away in the middle of the night and changed to 1tb, to increase their profits.

At that price, do you realize I could sign up for three Ultimate tiers at the same address, cause more of the imaginary network congestion you claim and still pay less than what you greedy bast#ds want?

Let this serve as my two month grace period before I cancel TV, INTERNET and PHONE service. I'll be calling you soon.