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Data cap

COX cannot be trusted!!!

They say 98% of their customers won't be affected by the data cap!!!  This may be true-- for now.  Cox did NOT start data caps because they are wonderful folks and want what's best for us....  They did it because there is something around the bend that we will have to pay for.  If 98% of customers won't be affected, then why????

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  • Hi Dannyboy1956,

    While I understand that the idea of usage limits isn't appealing, we've actually had them in place since 2001. We offer different tiers of internet service to try to meet the different levels of customer need, and we actually increased the data plans for all of our internet tiers last year.

    Cox provides a Data Usage Meter for you to monitor your monthly data usage. You can take a look at how your household uses bandwidth by going to and logging in with your primary Cox username and password. Then select "Data Usage Allowance" from the menu on the left.

    Learn more at and

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    Just so were all clear you don't offer different tiers of data consumption. You offer 4 speed tiers with the same data cap.

    The data caps were increase from what from last year? At the beginning of 2016 ultimate subscribers in the Omaha area were given 2TB then reduced to 1TB to match the other plans. If you call into support today they will tell you 2TB never existed and proceed to pitch you gigablast which isn't even available in 99% of Omaha.

    If you're going to price gouge customers with technical terms at least don't call them liars while doing it.

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    i too see through the deception of you trolls working at Cox, you can't just cut the top off a gallon of milk so it pours faster and say it's worth paying more for! THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE DOING!

       no i don't want a reply from one of your half hearted staff members saying how i should see this link to ** propaganda or that you understand, i want results.

        i want the pretty freaking large amount of money i spend per month on your internet to get me what it got me BEFORE this data usage ** because it is EASY to tell that my internet is not the same now as it was no matter how much you wanna debate that fact it remains a fact and until that change i never experienced a video going full ** on youtube and producing a green screen after pixelating to death and causing google chrome to temporarily stop working, i never dropped from groups in online games and i never had a download slow to 5KBps... if this doesn't change in another month or so i'm not gonna be a customer of yours anymore.

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    They could make this 99% better by simply increasing the cap of the highest tier to 2TB.  They would gain customers switching to that plan, like I would because in a heavy usage household like mine 1TB isn't enough for every month (think xmas time/lots of new games) but 2TB is.  I'd pay more for the top tier if it brought 2TB/mo, which it used to but they dropped it to 1TB.  Instead I'm going to have to cancel our $150/mo cable TV service to afford the overage charges we are going to start getting.