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Data Cap Increase

In this morning's Data Usage Meter, it refers to a data cap increase for all tiers of Cox Internet Service to 1 TB. However, Ultimate Internet continues to be at its reduced data cap of 1 TB from its previous data cap of 2 TB. It continues to be a soft data cap because according to the Data Usage Meter FAQS, Cox doesn't charge extra if you go over. They will contact you if you go over to encourage you to upgrade your service. However, Ultimate can't upgrade their service because Gigablast continues to not be widely available. 

I read that Comcast also increased their data caps to 1 TB but instituted a hard data cap. It is very interesting how Comcast's data cap works: Over a 12 month period, if you exceed the data cap in more than 2 months, the data cap kicks in at $10 per 50 GB with a maximum data cap "fine" of $200 per month.

When Cox instituted their trial plan in Cleveland with hard data caps, how did you inform the customers of the change? How much lead time did you give to the Cleveland customers about the change? Did Cox inform customers separately through US Mail or did Cox sneak into your billing statement? Many customers are paperless and auto pay so if the bill doesn't change, we don't necessarily read the bill.