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Data Cap but no Gigablast

Like a lot of people on this forum (whose posts keep getting locked by Cox I notice), I don't think this data cap makes any sense.

For people who are cord cutters and are being punished it is clear that Cox is only out to hurt it's customers. I have had to cancel all of my cloud based backup services because I can no longer afford to back up home compuers to the cloud. My family gaming time is also now restricted. The fact that Cox also doesn't charge you data costs for using it's own services like Contour is a clear indication of how they wish to punish customers who use other media streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon ... 

A Cox representative told me that they is no Gigablast available everywhere because it would require tearing up roads etc to put in the lines and that only new homes and apartment complexes would be getting it (at least in my area). That means that no matter how much we pay, we will never be able to get more than 1TB of data which in this 4k world is not enough.

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    I cannot agree more.  Everything in my home is streamed.  I have two children with iPads that are constantly on Netflix/YouTube.  My oldest (6) will play a game online using his Wii U while the iPad is in his lap streaming something.  I believe he is watching something minecraft related and playing minecraft at the same time.  My youngest (3) will stream until the iPad is dead and then charge it and repeat.  My TV patterns are everything is streamed.  I have 4 TVs in my home along with my workstation which also streams.  I use a streaming service for my day to day TV usage.  I have HBO Go.  My music is streamed.  I play games online.  I rebuilt my HTPC with larger drives in Jan this year and had to re-download my games (about 450GB).  I use OneDrive.  I work from home.  I routinely use between 1TB and 1.4TB in all months outside of the summer.  The only option for more than 1TB is Gigablast.  I can't even purchase a plan that gives me 2TB.  I will either have to sign up for Cox/Dish Network/DirectTV and stop buying games or stop backing up my workstation/work to the cloud and find a new job.  (I know I am exaggerating about work, but not by much) 

    I just don't understand how they can cap us but not count their content towards the cap...  that's exactly what net neutrality was designed to prevent.  Why should I have to pick and chose what I can and cannot do online.  If I don't use over 1TB in a month it isn't like they roll it over to the next month and let me use it there.  They want to treat my usage as a tangible when I go over 1TB but it isn't tangible when I don't go over it.  This is not gasoline where I buy 1 gallon from them and when it is used up I get to buy another gallon.  They want to treat it as a gallon of milk that spoils at the end of the billing cycle.  Why?  Fine, I get it, I use a lot of internet.  If they are going to get away with this, why don't I have an option for more than 1TB.  They are going to get rich off me at $10 per 50GB.

    Give me options!  I certainly know you are the only game in town (for now...  we have a new provider coming in April).  I will pay for it.  My wife won't be happy but our livelihood depends on this.