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Daily Internet "Outages" beginning around Nov 7th, 2017 - packet loss


This really isn't a question. I am starting this thread to hopefully raise visibility around recent daily Internet "outages" in the Phoenix area. Specifically, for me, this started happening around Nov. 7th, 2017 and has been happening daily since. At our location, we are experiencing intermittent packet loss of up to 15% at random times throughout the day and it seems to increase in the evenings. Our modem never goes offline and a reboot of the modem does not fix the issue. When this event occurs and consistently packet loss is observed the Cox webpage for "my equipment" is usually update with "There is currently an outage in your area." with a resolution time several hours in the future. Eventually connectivity stabilizes for a period of time, but it has occur intermittently for 6 straight days.

I am a patient person, but I finally reached out to Cox customer service on 11/11 to see why I am seeing daily outage messages for the last 5 days. Unfortunately, the Tier 1 support has limited visibility and isn't able to assist in troubleshooting or provided any detailed information even though this appears to be happening daily and several times a day. The last 2 nights, I have requested escalation to a supervisor. Although they've been very understanding, they have not been able to provide any information or relief. Apparently there are upgrades happening in my area and these are planned outages. However, the intermittent packet loss and outage messages are occurring during the day and outside the upgrade window.

I am trying to raise visibility for this issue and hoping that others that have been experiencing the same issues over the last several days will reply here to hopefully gain some traction toward resolution. There is something severely wrong and possibly related to these upgrades, but nothing is being done to fix it. Unplanned outages happen and I can understand that. 6 straight days of issues affecting multiple customers on a node or set of nodes needs to be addressed.

Hoping this will get fixed soon or this 20yr Cox customer will need to turn to another ISP for stable connectivity.


Frustrated Cox Customer