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CW will not record inHD

Hi -  

I am in the Gainesville FL Cox area, and recently upgraded to th Contour 2DVR, which I love,  but I did discover a problem with one  channel. 

The HD CW Channel is listed as 1010WCJBDT2 and the SD version is 10 WCJBDT2

I can watch the HD channel, but any recordings are recorded off the SD channel. 

This holds true for series recordings, or even ad hoc recordings while watching the HD channel.  In other words, you can be watching a CW show in HD, hit the record button, and it starts  recording in SD. 

I am fairly certain this is a channel mapping system issue because if I look at "other times"  for a CW program, only the SD channel shows up.  The HD channel only exists in the  Channel guide -  it's invisible for recording purposes. 

There is a closed thread on here from a different service area with an identical CW issue.  It had to be solved on Cox end. 

Yes, I have reset and tried every way  possible to record the HD CW channel, but it is not possible. 

Thanks in advance ☺️


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    Hi Tiffany -

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry I did not respond sooner, but I was in the hospital last week.

    Appreciate the refresh, but the problem persists.  I cannot record channel 1010 in HD using any method.

    I did some screen shots to illustrate this.

    Here is the CW right now, channel 1010, in HD:

    If I select "Episodes", it only shows channel 10 (Non-HD)

    If I go back to live CW 1010 in HD, I can select "Record"

    ..and I confirm that I want to Record what is on channel 1010

    Looks like it's gonna work, but not so fast..cause the DVR comes back and confirms the recording - but it's on the non-HD channel 10:

    ..and when I look at the actual recording in the "Saved" list, it is, in fact, recording the non-HD version of the current live program off of channel 10 instead of channel 1010.

    The DVR does this for all programs on the CW - it records channel 10 instead of channel 1010.  For all CW programs, only channel 10 is listed in all Episode guides for any series (1010 does not exist in the episode guide), so all series recordings are on channel 10 instead of 1010, even though I specify HD-preferred. 

    I have hundreds of programs setup to record, and this only happens to the CW. It is exactly like other CW issues mentioned on this board in other areas outside of Gainesville Cox.

    The simplest way to describe it is that channel 1010 only exists in the live channel guide. For recording and episode guide purposes, the CW only exists on channel 10.

    Let me know if I can provide additional info.

    Thanks again!


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    I thought it might be a problem with the "auto tune HD " option , or at least give me a workaround , but no.  It has no effect either way, on or off

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    When you watch the recordings, does the picture fill the screen or are there black bars on top/bottom or left/right side?

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    The recording is 4:3 with bars on left/right. The recording is always from channel CW 10 - as shown in the photo I provided.

     The recording actually says it is channel 10 - it is in SD - it has bars on left/right - but the Cox DVR "thinks" it's HD.

    There is another thread on this forum about the same exact problem(s) with the CW in other service areas.

    The problem appears to be related to a "channel mapping" error - the DVR thinks CW HD channel 10 when it is actually channel 1010.

    It is not possible to record anything, at any time, using any method from CW channel 1010.

    However, I can view channel 1010 and see my program in full glorious HD.  Just cannot record it.

    Thanks for the reply!


  • Hello tradeguy,

    Thank you for the pictures, and allowing us to inquire on what steps were taken. I apologize CW HD isn't sticking when attempting to record. I've created a ticket to have this investigated further. Thank you,