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Customer Retention

A few weeks a go, on a Friday morning, all of our Cox service went down; TV, telephone and Internet service.  After a number of calls to Cox customer service, it was stated that a technician would not be available to come out to help until Monday afternoon, as there were no available appointments times.  so in short, we were out of service for 4 days, until Monday afternoon.  So I took a half day off of work to meet the Cox technician at 3-5 pm on Monday afternoon.  Low and behold nobody shows up, no phone call, no nothing, after taking a half day off work to meet them, after waiting 4 days without service. So after calling Cox to see what the issue was, they suggested that they would make an appointment the following day,  This would require me to take another day off work to meet their technician, and when asked, they would not guarantee that a technician would show up.  That evening a technician called to say he would come over but we had dinner reservations and could not be there to meet him.  He came over regardless while we were at dinner and called to say that our connection was mistakenly turned off on the Friday, as it should have been our next door neighbors connection that was turned off.  After contacting Cox customer service and letting them know that I would be discontinuing their service after this latest issue unless they provided some discount for this issue.  Guess what they told me to do - they suggested I contact their retention department to see if they could do something.  i asked that their retention department contact me, to prove to me that they were interested in retaining me as a customer.......guess what, over a month later - the silence is deafening!  I am now going to drop cox and go with Direct TV.  This comes from a customer of over 15 years, who pays more than $350 a month for Cox services.......and apparently.....they don't really care!

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    Our representatives have called several times to assist you in resolving your issues however it appears we have been unable to reach you. We will email you directly at the addressed used to register for this Forum with a request for further contact information.