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Customer Loyalty???

Trying to understand why Cox even has a customer loyalty department; there's no loyalty there, unless you're a new customer. So much for customer loyalty or even customer service for that matter. I've been on the phone with 3 different reps (David - 37295; Lorraine - xrx105; and Jane - 13786) for over 2 hours. David - 37295 (a supervisor) - was rude and wasn't willing to do anything. Lorraine - xrx105 - had me on hold for over 1 hour while she "did some research." When she did finally come back to the phone, I told her to call me back when she figured it out; she didn't call back. Jane - 13786 (a supervisor) - was also rude. She kept telling me I have a better rate on my bundle than new new customers can get because "you're grandfathered in." When the rep finally paused to catch her breath, I pointed her to the website to show her the rates new customers could get and she still insisted that my deal was better because of the taxes. So I asked if the taxes were $100....silence; she didn't know what to say. In the end she gave me a 10% discount. I asked her if she thought she was getting a deal when she went shopping and only got 10% off...again silence. As a part of customer loyalty, most of the department stores I shop at give me 15-40% off for using their store credit card for purchases - that's loyalty. Amazing how rude both supervisors were. I guess they got mad because they were asked to do their job.

I'm astonished that I can be a loyal customer for 15+ years (at my current address and others, not including the Cox account we use for our business in another state) and a new customer can get the same bundle I have for less than half the price of what I pay. Time to cut the cord...or jump through hoops to put the account in my son's name so I can get the new customer pricing. It's ashamed that a loyal customer has to jump through so many hoops and a new customer has to do nothing and gets a better rate. That's sad!!!

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