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Currently only have 4/8 upstream channels bonded. Cox Tech told me to get 24x8 for Ultimate Internet. What do I do?

I am getting the full 300 and most of the time well over that (sometimes up to 450 ) but my issue is random drops in connectivity. I checked my modem logs and to be honest I have no idea what all the stuff means but I see things like critical and warning and timeouts etc. So thats when I called cox and spoke with support. Truth be told, I don think she had any idea what I was asking about. 

But I'm willing to bet someone on here does! Any thoughts/advice/help would be very much appreciated!

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    We would like to check your equipment to see what may be causing the issue with your service. Would you send us an email to Please include your full address along with the name on the account. Once we have that information, we can check the modem for issues.