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Curious about Cox Wi-Fi hotspot problems

I'm a new Cox customer after more than a decade in Comcast territory. I rely heavily on the Wi-Fi hotspot network and use one or more different hotspots every day. Since moving to Cox I noticed some strange behavior at coffee shops, restaurants, bars and other places that have Cox service.

If a location has their own named, public hotspot I can connect to that and get expected speed/performance. If that same location also is also advertising a CoxWiFi hotspot, I can always get connected to a strong signal, but mostly I have no internet service.

In other words, I can see a CoxWiFi hotspot with a strong signal. I can connect to that hotspot, but then I have no actual internet service. This has happened to me in many locations. Again today I am at Bourbon Jacks in Chandler AZ with the same problem. I'm trying to attach an image below, captured from my screen. You'll see the CoxWiFi network, but when I try using that I get no internet access. Switching to the Bourbon Jacks network I get a Cox connection with no problems.

Is this normal, expected behavior? If the CoxWiFi isn't working, why is it being advertised?

If the image isn't included below, try this URL:

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    You may want to see if that hotspot has you login, I know the Cox Wifi hotspots require me to log in with the primary acct id that I have setup for the Cox website.  I've also noticed that you need the preferred or higher tier of service to get access to the hotspots.

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    Still trying to figure this out with no luck.

    I use Cox WiFi hotspots in different locations every day. In most places my computer, iPad and iPhone will all connect to the WiFi automatically, and with no input from me, and everything works great.

    However, I've noticed many places where the internet is not actually working even though I appear to get connected to the WiFi. (See the photo link I included with my first post in this thread.)

    The only common aspect I've noticed is that when the Cox WiFi doesn't work, the location offers their own, named WiFi network. If I switch my computer from Cox to the locally-named network all is good.

    Seems odd to me.

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    Hi Blackpool,

    Can you provide some examples of the locations where you notice these issues with the Wifi hot spots? Are you still experiencing the same issues currently when trying to use them? We'll look into these problems.