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CSN Mid Atlantic app with NBCSN app

Recently CSN Mid Atlantic announce live streaming of,Washington Capitals games. The CSN app is located within the NBCSN app. While the NBCSN app works fine when I sign in using Cox, when I try to live,stream the Caps,games I get "Authentication Error contact your service provider". What,gives? I tried deleting the NBCSN app and reinstalling and still get the same problem. Problem exists on all iPhones and iPads.

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    CSN hasn't reached a agreement with Cox yet. From the CSN FAQ. 

    Q: Can I stream the Washington Wizards games?

    A: If you are a CSN Mid-Atlantic subscriber via a participating video provider, and you reside in an area where you are able to view Wizards games on the channel, you will be able to access Wizards content made available through CSN Mid-Atlantic’s “TV Everywhere” service after going through an authentication process. Initially, this offering only includes CSN Mid-Atlantic’s Wizards telecasts and pre-and post-game shows, which can be viewed both on and via the NBC Sports App (subject to NBA restrictions). If your provider has not yet entered into an agreement with CSN Mid-Atlantic to make available TV Everywhere to your provider’s subscribers, you will not be able to authenticate and stream Wizards programming. The TV Everywhere offering is available to all CSN providers, and CSN is working diligently to finalize agreements with its distributors. Please call your participating provider if you are not able to access the TV Everywhere stream of the game.