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Credit for no service

How does one  get a billing credit for loss of service? Both our TV and Internet has been inconsistent for weeks if not months. As I write this, I am so frustrated with the poor service that I was going to report it. When I login to, I get a message saying there is an outage in my area and it will be fixed by 12:00am (it is now 12:30pm). This has happened before. I live in Woodmere and my neighbors have complained about the same problems (Internet drops out, WiFi requires frequent reboots, TC signal spotty (sometimes depending on channels selected). Every time I have finally had enough and called it in, the tech finds no problesm on site. That is probably because the problems are INTERMITTENT and if the tech is not here when it happens, it's ruled OK. Well, it is NOT OK. The service is GREAT - WHEN IT WORKS! Last Fall we missed the end of a football game because service dropped out. More than once we miss the end of a TV because service dropped out. WiFi is just a huge inconvenience because it requires so many reboots. Is this your wqay of convincing me to buy CONTOUR? If so, not gonanahappen.

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    When we review accounts for service adjustments, we have to see an active participation from both parties (Cox and the customer) to getting the issue resolved in a timely manner. This includes scheduling an appointment if the trouble shooting steps are not successful over the phone. There are other ways for the field to fix intermittent issues. Please email us at with the account details and a link to this post. Also, please include the best day and time to make an appointment.