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Create new user but webmail not accessable, address says denied/upsell - why?

I create a new user and set to create email. When I login to the new account the Webmail tab shows but has no options. The address bar indicates /denied/upsell.  Why? I have up to 10 email accounts but only use 4. Any idea? COX support little help, simply open ticket and keeps adding more days to it.

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    Hi Ratman6,

    What happens when you sign in with your primary log-in? Does it list the new account and show that it is active beside it? When you established the account, did you select the option of 'Yes, create an email account'?

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    I am having this exact problem and don't see a resolution here.  To answer Renee G's questions:  Yes the primary account lists the new e-mail address and it shows active; yes, I selected create e-mail account.  I've looked all over Cox support and do not find a solution.

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    Hi farwoods5,

    If you just recently created your email account, it would have been setup under the new mail system.  If you're getting the upsell page, please type in the URL.  Let us know if you can see your inbox.

    If you continue to experience the issue, we would need to look into this further.  Please email us at with the name on the account, full address, and email address that's having the issue.