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Cox's new data usage plan for Internet

I just got the notice about Cox limiting their data to 1TB and then charging for additional data, and I have a question about streaming services.

Currently, I can stream "On Demand" TV using my Contour 2 DVR - does this data count against my 1TB?

I could not find the answer to this on the Cox website, and it's an issue for many subscribers that utilize other streaming devices - such as a Roku (I have 3), tablets, and PC's.  My guess is that any device other than the DVR would rack up data against the 1TB allotment.

However, if the DVR does not count, then there is a compelling reason to stream On Demand programming using the Cox DVR instead of any other device since it's essentially "free data" and won't diminish the 1TB.

Please clarify this for everyone.



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    On Demand using a Contour DVR or any other STB comes under your cable TV plan, not internet.  Therefor it should not count towards the data cap.  You bring up a good point though, does the Contour app on a tablet or phone or viewing TV on Cox's website count?  Those are streamed over the internet.  I assume other streaming services, like Netflix, do count towards the data cap.

  • Hi Tradeguy,

    The following Cox-provided services do not count towards your monthly data plan:

    • Watching live or On Demand content via the Contour app
    • Watching On Demand content via a Cox HD receiver or Cox DVR
    • Watching Cox On Demand for TiVo
    • Cox Digital Telephone services
    • Cox Homelife services

    Time spent scrolling through the Contour app Guide listings on your iPad counts towards your monthly data usage because is the same as time spent reading your Facebook feed or checking your email. Once you choose what you want to watch from the Contour app and the video begins to play, the time spent watching the video does not count towards your data usage.

    Streaming video from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, network apps (ex: Fox Sports Go, HBO Go), and network websites counts towards your monthly data usage. Does this help?